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Why Outsource?

Majority of companies in the European market do not have a sales team role strategy leaving junior, middle and senior salespeople to perform the entire spectrum of sales activities from high-level deal closing and negotiations right down to mundane data entry, excel reports and CRM. This is an ineffective way to use the skill and experience level of each team member making the team inefficient and often too expensive.

Salesnest has designed an optimal sales team structure focused on cooperation and task separation between senior, mid-level and junior salespeople, focusing on the specific strengths of each team member level. Each member of a 5-person strategic sales team is dedicated to specific stages of the sales process. Two of the five team members can be shifted up or down the funnel depending on the specific activities required at any stage of the sales cycle.

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STrategic Sales outsourcing

  • B2B lead generation
  • Long-term strategic sales team outsourcing
  • Short-term capacity continuity to cover vacations and sick leave
  • Campaign lead qualification
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  • Sales strategy creation
  • Sales process mapping and analysis
  • Sales team role analysis and strategy
  • Sales messaging and tools
  • Templates and call scripts
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Training and onboarding

  • Comprehensive B2B sales representative on-boarding
  • Sales team synergy training
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Who We Are

Salesnest is a Sales Outsourcing and Growth Consulting company enabling B2B companies to instantly increase their sales capacity by adding an outsourced sales team. Salesnest was started in 2020 by Paweł Olechowski, a 28-year veteran of sales in European and North-American markets. We specialize in European markets working in English and Polish in both inbound and outbound sales. Our clients are software, SaaS, IT services, consulting companies, professional associations, and marketing and advertising agencies.

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